Investment Property Mortgage Solutions

CGFR is a commercial mortgage broker, providing simple funding for all aspects of commercial lending.

Proof of Ownership

You provide contact or proof of ownership


Our team reviews your financials to see what you can qualify for

Loan Submision to Closing

We submit your loan to underwriting and that's it

Close as soon as you're ready

We’re able to make decisions on commercial real estate mortgages based on the borrower’s entire picture, not just the numbers on paper.  CGFR is a commercial mortgage broker dedicated to matching borrowers interested in multifamily, industrial, commercial, and mixed-use real estate to the right investor partner. 

Our professionally trained and experienced commercial real estate professionals have the ability to close any type of commercial transaction.

Smart Investing, Simple Closing.

Our team of experts source funding to finance any kind of commercial and investment properties. 

Our Capabiltiies

Investment Loans

No hidden fees for pre-payments

  • $200K and up
  • Rates as low as 5.00%

Multi-Family/Mixed Use

No hidden fees for pre-payments

  • Loans over $3 Million
  • Low requirements

Owner Occupied

51% of the property must be owned

  • Loans up to $50 million
  • No pre-payment penalty

Commercial Loans

Rates based on the quality of the asset

  • Low credit requirements
  • Any loan size

Mentorship Program

With over 25 years of experience closing commercial mortgages, Capital Group Funding Resources takes a common sense approach to commercial lending.

General Questions

If you work directly with a bank, you’re accessing a single lender with a single set of available rates, terms, and loan types. But when you work with a broker, you’re accessing our entire network of lenders, both banks and otherwise, to find you the most beneficial terms, rates, and options.